Rohirrims (Mokrý Lom 2014 - photos by Ivan Maurer)


A beautiful picture of the Rarau mountains from Sorin Onisor.

By Mikael Leger

Please, friends, take the time to notice that this woman has been depicted with reasonably sized breasts, scars and grime on her face, and armor that actually covers her entire body- particularly her chest and abdomen. Thank you so much, Mr. Leger for creating a warrior woman that looks like she can really kick some serious ass. Also thank you for giving her not one, but THREE swords.


Can I get a source on this one? Anyone seen it before?


Aaaaaand they are finally done. Legendary Sampo from Kalevala and the keys of the warrior, shaman, hunter and blacksmith. Was a rather enjoyable and interesting commission! 


Kargan Dragonlord